Kansas Hard Money Lender

Lima One Capital is the nation’s premier lender for real estate investors.  We make it easy to finance all of your fix-and-flip projects, new construction builds, rental properties, and multifamily investments.    As a national rental finance and hard money lender we have the ability to provide hard money loans for real estate investors across the country, including Kansas.  We look forward to working with investors in Kansas as they pursue their real estate investing goals by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in today’s market.

Unparalleled Customer Service

What separates Lima One Capital from other traditional hard money lenders is our commitment to providing the industry standard when it comes to customer service.  We will never charge investors hidden costs or junk fees, we’re fully capitalized and we close our hard money loans quickly and efficiently.  Our team of NMLS licensed operations analyst work with investors from the time the application is submitted to the time the loan is closed and funded, they have a deep understanding of both our loan products and the areas in which we lend and will be able answer any questions that an investor may have.

Loan Programs

The FixNFlip program is for the purchase and rehab of an investment single-family residential property with the intention of reselling the property.  New Construction financing is available for investors looking for tear down/rebuild projects. Our Rental program offers both a 30 year, fully amortized, fixed-rate loan product for the purchase or refinance of a single property or an entire portfolio of properties and a 30 year, fully amortized 5/1 Hybrid ARM with a fixed rate for the first five years and floats according to the monthly LIBOR index for the remainder of the loan.  Our Rental30 Premier option is for experienced investors with a minimum of 5-properties valued at $500K. Another product within our Rental program is the Rental 2+1, which is designed to bridge the gap between short and long-term financing.  We also offer Multifamily financing for properties with 5+ units that are either stabilized or in need of value-add rehab.  Investors will also be able to acquire Cash-Out loans across our entire lending area, including Kansas.

Designed for investors looking to buy a property, renovate it, and resell it, all within a 13-month period.

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For investors seeking to build a rental property portfolio or own a single rental property to serve as a source of monthly cash-flowing income.

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A program created for those who want to purchase or refinance a multifamily property — comprised of 5 or more units — in need of value-add rehab or already stabilized.

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If you’re ready to begin the underwriting process feel free to fill out our quick and simple application.  If you would like more information about our loan programs feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.